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Case 1: Government Spending and Taxation (3 pages answer questions)

Using the Government Spending and Taxation case, Chapters 5 and 6, the knowledge you have gained in this course, as well as at least three additional credible resources, analyze the case by addressing the following:

Describe how government spending and the composition of the government changed in recent decades. In other words, in what areas has the government cut spending and in what areas has the government increased spending in recent decades?
Determine if this change in government spending and composition will help Americans achieve a higher living standard. Be sure to support all opinions with research.
Assess if democracy can survive if the majority of the U.S. citizens pay little or nothing in taxes while benefiting directly from a higher level of government spending. Why or why not?
Propose the composition of government, government spending, and taxation that you believe would work best. Be sure to be specific and support your proposal with research.

2nd part (2 pages)

Case 2: The Economics of Social Security

Explain how the Social Security systems basic principles are different from private insurance.
Determine how Social Security affects the economic well-being of blacks, relative to whites and Hispanics.
Assess if the current Social Security system promotes income equality. Why or why not?
Propose how the Social Security system could be modernized to ensure long-term solvency and fairness in distribution. Be specific and support your proposal with research.

Attachment includes insert from text and source is:

Gwartney, J. A., Stroup, R. L., Sobel, R. L., & Macpherson, D. A. (2018). Macroeconomics: Private and public choice (16th ed.). Retrieved from https://www.cengage.com

other reputable sources:


Hosansky, D. (2016, June 3). Social security: Is the program running out of money? CQ Researcher, 26, 481504. Retrieved from http://library.cqpress.com/

Horan, P., Wise, I., & Horan, T. (2019). The U.S. social security system: How it works, its financial situation, and the short-changed benefits paid to the most vulnerable. Review of Business, 39, 1528. Retrieved from https://www.stjohns.edu/

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