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focus group reflection

1. Use this opportunity to reflect back on the focus group method itself and how it functioned. What worked well, what could be improved?
2. What would you do differently? What were the key lessons learned for you? What skills would you want to develop/prepare for if you were to implement and moderate a future focus group?
It is important to link your learning and reflections back to the focus group theory in the learning materials (PPTs,textbook, videos, blog, articles) and refer to this theory in your discussion. This means that you will locate the concepts /
techniques / theories from the text, class notes and/or other external sources that relate to the focus group method and your
various reflections on the method. Properly cite/reference the sources you use to support your reflections in this assignment
using APA referencing style. Aim for a minimum of 2 sources here with at least 1 of them being an external peer reviewed
journal article on focus group method.
Examples of peer reviewed journals: Journal of Marketing Research; Journal of Consumer Research; Journal of Marketing;
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; Harvard Business Review

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