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L’Oreal Masters Multiculturalism


This paper is based on your discussion about the article L’Oreal Masters Multiculturalism.  An overview of all 3 parts of the “Article Analysis and Discussion” assignment is attached. 

Successful discussion participation requires an inquiring attitude and thorough preparation drawing on critical reading skills. As a critical reader, you should be able to: (a) prepare annotations and recognize how and why the essential elements in a text are connected; (b) identify assumptions and implicit meaning in the text; (c) determine the authors stance, use of language, and ask critical questions in response to the arguments presented; and (d) share a personal reflective response.

In class, you will be expected to make important contributions to a small-group discussion by: (a) offering original comments/questions based on the reading; (b) building on and extending your peers responses; (c) critiquing the arguments and ideas of other participants referring to the text; (d) using new functional language such as discussion phrases or phrases for interruption (don’t just rely on the same phrases you always use); and (e) taking on the role of a lead discussant when appropriate.

The discussion about the article L’Oreal Masters Multiculturalism will be video recorded for further analysis, as important as the discussion itself. Write this paper after viewing your group’s video multiple times and taking notes on topics in the self-assessment form located in the document posted here.

Submit a 500-750-word essay which includes the following:

A completed Reading and Discussion Self-Evaluation Form (see attachment posted)
A summary explaining/justifying the scores you gave yourself on the evaluation form
An action plan for improvement, including such as aspects as critical reading, participation, and language
This assignment will be assessed according to the following:

Evidence of critical reading (4 points)
Depth & relevance of points discussed (3 points)
Initiating points of discussion (2 points)
Rigorous response to peers points (2 points)
Use of functional language (2 points)
Discussion self-evaluation (2 points)
Summary & action plan (3 points)
Readability of text (2 points)

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